About Us


Our History

On 2004, it began to emerge among the Limousin breeders of Catalonia the idea of creating an association in order to make purchases and sales as a group to be more efficient and keep abreast of the latests developments of our market. On April 2005, coinciding with the “Mercat del Ram de Vic” we held our first formal meeting and we decided to form the association with the name ASSOLIM (Associació Catalana de Criadors de la Raça Bovina Llemosina).

Thus we started working on writing the statutes, set objectives and keep the first contacts with the government institutions and other associations. After many meetings and visits to the Justice Department our statutes were approved on December 15th 2006 with the inscription number 33584.

Governing Board

  • President:   Ramón Cambray Colom
  • Vice-President:   Jaume Rius Prat
  • Secretary:   Jesús Serrat Nogué
  • Treasurer:   Josep Molleví Muntada
  • Member of the board:   Josep Ma. Busquets Tallada
  • Member of the board:   Josep Ma. Vila d’Abadal Serra


Some of the short and mid-term objectives described on our statutes were:

  • Initiate contacts with the Catalan Administration
  • Participate on fairs to promote the Limousin breed and our association (first inside the Catalan territory only)
  • Promote the merchandasing as a group
  • Become members of the Federación Española de Criadores de Limusín
  • Inscribe our animals on the Spanish studbook for the Limousin cattle breed
  • Maximize the relationship and collaboration with ELIFE (Euskadiko Limusin Federakuntsa)
  • Join the grup for the control of performance a genetic evaluation for the French Limousin breed
  • Organize trips to contests, auctions, elite cattle raisings, etc
  • Build a brand for controlled and high quality meat

On the year 2010 these objectives were already met and consolidated. We are now working on new projects to enhance our brand and one of them is the redesign of this website, where you will be able to get updates on the activities and events that we participate on.

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