10 Good Reasons to Choose the Limousin Breed

1. Because engenders calves with less weight y with a great muscle development on the growth period, both in pure breed and on mixed breed. The pelvian opening of the mothers is biggest of all cattle breeds.
2. Because the calves are born very vigorous (with a minimum time between the birth and the first colostrum intake)
3. Because the possess great adaptability to the weather and terrain they live in (the Limousin breed is present on 86 countries around the world, on the 5 continents).
4. Because they have an extraordinary maternal quality
5. Becuase they have high fertility and fecundity (one calf every 11-12 months)
6. Because you can get a herd according your requirements
– Cows of early type with a heavy DM (muscle development)
– Cows of mixed type with a balance between DM and DS (muscle and skeletal development)
– Cows of late type with a heavy DS (skeletal development)
7. Because it has great longevity, cows are able to make a calf every year until the age of 18-20 years, with the particularity that they don’t damage their udder
8. Because meat yields are exceptional: on equal live weight, the Limousin breed gives more sellable meat than other beef breeds
9. Because it is highly appreciated by meat professionals, by their high ranking and the right fat level (much higher proportion of pieces of 1st quality meat)
10. Because it is a breed with high profitability:
– Exceptional breeding quality
– Great beefing