Limousin, The Meat Breed par Excellence

Breeders of Limousin beef cattle are identified to achieve the quality, respect for the environment and animal welfare.
We are certified as 100% Limousin Breed.

Our animals are fed by the mother until the time of weaning and then enjoy a 100% vegetable diet supplemented for at least the last 4 months with vitamins and minerals.

Our calves are reared taking care of agri-environmental measures and animal welfare from birth to slaughter.

From farm to the butcher counter, we guarantee to consumers the identification and traceability of meat Limousin Assolim meat.

Benestar Animal  3-alimentacio-natural  Llemosina

Meat of the Highest Quality and with Maximum Guarantee

Thanks to the identification, certification and traceability of our calves, we can offer you a high quality meat you can eat with peace of mind.


Features of Our Limousin Beef Meat

Ver eye pleasing intense pink color
Very good performance due to it low rate of bones
With a very fine fiber “grain meat” that makes it tender
Has just enough fat and is very tasty
Rich in B vitamins and minerals (iron and zinc)
Consumers value the texture, taste and nutritive value
Winner, around the world, of multiple blind test contests

Beef Cuts

Find below an infographic depicting the multiple cuts can be made from our premium meat (click on the image to enlarge)

Beef Cuts